Bob Zahner Tree
Evans Property, Waynesville, North Carolina (planted July 2008)

"Bob Zahner" (#28), shown by Russ Regnery, 7/31/08.
This is virtually same shot as photo below left,
(notice the same lichen pattern on center tree trunk).
one week after planting, 2008

Nov 08: View to SW. Evergreen seedling lower right
is marked by orange flag and bamboo pole.
Notice how full sun is available post leaf-fall.


Nov 08: View to north, Torreya foreground.



September 23, 2010: noonish on sunny day; yet full shade.
Michael's hand is at top of tree.


9/23/10: lovely central crown growth
(photos by Connie Barlow)


This specimen is on the west side of the Evans property on an east-facing moist slope of a ravine that has a perennial creek running N-S through it. Slightly upstream of the plantings, an intermittent springs/falls streams down some vertical bare rock walls and empties directly into the creek. (3,400 feet elevation)

LEFT (May 18, 2012): Surrounding forest-floor plants include poison ivy, virginia creeper, which are usually indicators of sufficient moisture. Unfortunately, there is also flame azalea and sapling hickory nearby (plus a Sassafras sapling in the foreground of the very first picture on this page), all of which seem to indicate drier/poorer habitat. The big tree trunk is a species within the red-oak group.

RIGHT (May 18, 2012): Although the upper tier of radiating lateral branches shows two sets of triplet new growth and several doublets (plus the less-healthy indicator of singlets), there is no new apical growth from the main stem yet this year. Thus, on a scale in which "Celia" specimen is rated by Lee Barnes as a 10, this specimen is a 7.

LEFT (May 18, 2012):

RIGHT (May 18, 2012):

NOTE: Spring 2013 photos below taken April 24 on an overcast day, but spring was delayed nearly 2 weeks, so it is more like April 10. Thus, instead of light-green new growth photographed above in spring 2012, there is only light-green leaf buds to indicate the vigor of the plant.

ABOVE LEFT (April 24, 2013): "Bob Zahner" specimen at bottom of photo to left of orange flag.

ABOVE RIGHT (April 24, 2013): This Torreya has shed most of its lower tiers of branches, and even the topmost radial layer (visible here) bears only 3 branches now (clearly visible in photo directly below).

ABOVE LEFT (April 24, 2013): Top-down view.

ABOVE RIGHT (April 24, 2013): Top-most radial layer has only 3 branches, all directed southward. Only a tiny new apical leaf bud is visible.

NEW MEASURE OF HEALTH IN 2013: leaf bud count = 20 on main stem. There are two healthy basal ancillary stems with 2 + 3 leaf buds.

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