Torreya taxifolia near Cincinnati, OHIO

  • In 2016 the American Forests Champion Tree Register made this Spring Grove Cemetery Florida Torreya specimen the new national champion of the species.

    VIDEO 2010 by Jack Scheper, who writes, "I was delighted to find a robust, healthy torreya happily thriving at the beautiful Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum in Cincinnati, Ohio. Come along on this video field trip and I'll show it to you along with its Japanese cousin."

    Note: In this video you will hear Torreya taxifolia referred to as "Stinking Cedar." It is not a cedar and it does not stink; so this older common name is being replaced by the more accurate "Florida Torreya."

  • January 2017 Fred Bess (Cleveland OH Torreya Guardian; photo left) visited the newly declared "national champion" Torreya taxifolia at Spring Grove Cemetery.

    His conclusion: "It seems obvious that it is cutting-grown [not from seed], as it is an oversized bush."

    Karl Kern Tree / Wyoming Nurseries / Cincinnati - Arnold Arboretum report by Irina Kadis notes that Karl Kern supplied Arnold Arboretum with plants in 1962 and that there was a large specimen in their area that survived perfectly. This specimen could have been the Spring Grove Cemetery tree, but possibly not. Further investigation may be warranted if this nursery was supplying Torreya trees to this area in the 1960s.


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