Florida Torreya Assisted Migration
Buchanan, Virginia


LAND AND HABITAT: This 25-acre tract is located in Botetourt County, Virginia, near the towns of Buchanan and Fincastle. Ridges and drainages dissect the area, and there are numerous sinkholes and small caves, some of which are on our property. Tree cover is mostly oaks and poplars, with a nice mix of other hardwoods and some areas of yellow pine and scattered white pine. There's not a lot of understory. Elevation ranges roughly 1300-1500 feet ASL. We have healthy populations of deer and bear and all the other wildlife species you'd expect in the Appalachians, and ''m expecting some challenges keeping the deer from browsing on the torreya seedlings. If I cage the seedlings, I expect that bears will frequently vandalize the cages.

BACKGROUND: I retired from the US Forest Service after 32 years as a forester, mostly in Virginia, but also in east Texas and Alabama. I enjoy documenting the native plants on the place, and bringing in plants that are native to the area but not on our tract. We've lived here since 2007.

Project begins with seed planting 2020

PHOTOS ABOVE: The first 10 seeds were planted amidst this large cluster of Christmas ferns on 11 November 2020. Orange flags mark the planting sites of the seeds from Clinton NC. Pink flags mark the seeds harvested at Mt Olive NC. Total planting in this site was 5 seeds from each source.

Below is a distant view of this same fern-rich locale.

PHOTOS BELOW: Beginning at the planting site amid the fern cluster (above), the following 4 photos show a 360-degree rotation, moving counter-clockwise (toward the left) and arriving back at a view of the planting site:

PHOTO BELOW: Seed bags alongside the tree-planting bar used to make the holes.

Project Supplemented with 2018 seeds germinated in pots

APRIL 2021 REPORT BY SHARON MOHNEY: "Of the 8 seeds Fred Bess sent me (from his own crop of 22 seeds Fall 2018), 6 germinated. One died shortly after emergence, and one died this winter. Still have 3 very healthy looking ones and one that I believe will survive. Am still hoping for germination of the three that haven't shown up yet."

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