Torreya taxifolia in Pennsylvania

Online research by Torreya Guardian Paul Camire.

York, PA - Original planting by Barry Yinger, who was listed on the Arnold Arboretum notes about ex situ Torreya trees on the CPC website. Email response by Yinger:

Yes, I planted a Florida Torreya at my farm in York County, PA in the late 1970s; can't remember the exact date. It was given to me by the late nurseryman Tom Dodd Jr of Semmes AL, who propagated it as a cutting from a plant collected in Florida. Apparently it was a cutting from a lateral branch because it never developed a leader as you see with seed-grown plants. My farm was in the cold part of Zone 6 for many years and now mid-Zone 6 to 6b. However, in January 1994 we had the lowest recorded temperatures ever. It was about -23 F the first night and -12 the next. The high during the day in between was -4 F. I lost a number of trees and shrubs, but the Torreya was not damaged beyond a little discoloration of some of the leaves. I never measured the tree but after nearly 40 years it was about 20 feet tall and nearly as wide. If it had been rooted from a terminal cutting it would have been a lot taller. As it was, it grew as a big blob. I will try to find a photo for you. I sold my farm in 2016.

Online research by Torreya Guardian Jeff Morris in 2015.

Gladwyn (by Philadelphia) - If this article is accurate, there may seed sources in Gladwyne, PA" "... another large tree grows at the Henry Foundation @ 801 Stony Ln., Gladwyne, PA." Googled: Henry Foundation for Botanical Research, 801 Stony Lane Gladwyne, PA 19035 (610) 525-2037.


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